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    We are one of the leading energy companies in Spain and one of the companies with the best projection worldwide.
    Thanks to our energy model, based on technical excellence, our  products and services are recognized as being of the highest quality in all the markets in which we operate. Our Worldwide trading give support globally and we have local offices in Spain, Panama and Fujairah to offer our clients a wide range of products and services.
    We commercialize a wide range of marine fuels: MGO, IFOs, LSFO, RMK, ULSFO y LNG.  We supply by barge, pipeline and tanker truck, and we have two refineries in Huelva and Algeciras with a tancage capacity of 550.000m3. Besides, we have 15 barges and tancage capacity of 630.000 MT World Wide and we are pioneers in having the multi-product barge Oizmendi that not only supplies traditional products, but also LNG.