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    Our main goal is to provide our customers the best service based on three key pillars: Quality, Quantity Commitment and Safety.

    About us

    We are one of the top energy companies in Spain and we have the greatest global influence.

    Our energy efficiency model, based on technical excellence, has ensured our products and services are recognized as being of high quality in every market in which we operate. We offer our customers a wide range of products and services, through an efficient service supplied by barge, pipelines and tanker trucks, following the strictest quality and safety standards and complying with all the Group's corporate and environmental responsibility criteria, providing world-wide support.

    In Spain, we are leaders in this activity in the Peninsula, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Canary Islands. Our operations are growing in Worldwide Trading, where we serve international customers.

    We have two refineries in Algeciras and Huelva and a tank storage capacity of 550,000 m3 nationally and 630,000 MT internationally. We are leading the way in the multipurpose barge Oizmendi, which not only supplies traditional products, but also LNG.


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